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4. Circular economy and sustainable choices

Espoo implements its procurement and services in a climate-friendly manner and enables residents to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Image: Espoon kaupunki / Topias Salonen

Espoo is working to realise the circular economy by developing its own operations and the cooperation with companies and partners. The city is setting an example through its own actions, providing residents with services and guiding decision-making. Espoo strives to be an appealing area for circular economy business as well as collaboration related to research, development and innovation (RDI). Kera and Kiviruukki, in particular, serve as circular economy development areas.

Food production generates a large part of consumption-related emissions. The city’s meal services are working to cut back emissions by reducing food wastage and favouring climate-friendly food options.

Espoo is reducing the emissions of its own procurements by setting new standards and goals for the purchasing of contracts, services and goods. The city aims to provide its residents with good opportunities for making sustainable choices.

Tourism is also a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Espoo is investing in responsible and environmentally friendly local tourism by training tourism entrepreneurs on how to reduce the emissions of their operations.