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Image: Espoon kaupunki

Link bank

This page features links and tips to support your own climate actions.

Read more about climate change in the Climate guide. HSY’s Climate info provides tips for more climate-friendly living in Finnish.

On Sitra’s website you can test your carbon footprint and compare it to the carbon footprint of the average Finn. Also see tips for environmental actions!

On the Sitoumus2050 website you can test how sustainable your lifestyle is and commit to small actions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Hiilihelppi will help you find climate actions that suit your housing situations. Motiva’s website contains energy saving tips.

Learn more about the circular economy on Sitra’s website. HSY’s waste guide provides recycling instructions.

More information on sustainable food choices is available on the websites of the Finnish Food Safety Authority and WWF.

Espoo provides opportunities for sustainable living

See what kinds of opportunities for sustainable mobility, public transport and parking Espoo offers.

Read more about the circular economy on Espoo’s website. You can learn more about recycling plastic on the Story of Plastic page.

Another way to get access to sustainable food is to grow it yourself on an allotment, for example.

In Espoo, it is easy to travel without going far. For example, learn more about the Waterfront Walkway and Espoo’s other outdoor routes, nature in Espoo or the available culture and leisure activities.

The climate change adaption website provides information on how to prepare for impacts of climate change.