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6. Climate collaboration and communication

Espoo works together with its partners to combat climate change and openly communicates about this work.

One of Espoo’s values is transparency, which is also an important aspect of the city’s climate work. It is important that residents, decision-makers, private sector operators and researchers can follow the progress of Espoo’s climate efforts. Information is made available through the Climate Watch website and the climate roadmap, which is being developed for the city. Espoo must also regularly assess its carbon sinks and provide information on whether the remaining 20% share of the city’s emission reduction target can be absorbed by carbon sinks or compensated for by other means. Espoo also provides information on its climate work in the context of international agreements, such as the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Open communication on Espoo’s climate work also facilitates cooperation with different parties. Together with residents, communities and companies, we will move towards our carbon neutrality goal by investing in clean energy, the circular economy, sustainable land use and construction, as well as sustainable means of transport. Cooperation with universities, research and innovation operators and companies produces solutions that have a significant carbon handprint and help solve the global climate challenge.

In addition to companies, Espoo works together with residents, communities and associations to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Climate education is part of sustainable development education, which is provided especially in schools and early childhood education units. Espoo also offers other residents and city staff guidance on making climate-smart choices.